Dexygen (George Jempty)

I am a long-time Web Developer located in the Dallas TX area. Long-term enough that I was a full-stack developer before the term full-stack was in use. Since 2009 I have been more focused on the front-end, though not entirely so. I have built -- and professionally used -- a PHP micro-framework. Also I've built a rough equivalent of Adobe AIR for creating desktop applications from web technologies, that now only supports HTML <5 on 32 bit systems however :(




General Development and/or Back-end

  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Tcl
  • Etc.

Front-end Web Development

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript (the usual suspects)
  • Various Javascript frameworks, including
    • 5 years with ExtJS; also some:
    • Backbone
    • Angular 1 (AngularJS) and Angular 2
    • Vue.js
    • React